BOXBOY World 1

by nvisness
created Apr 19, 2016
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map notes
Another rip-off copy map, because I'm not creative. This one is from a game called BOXBOY!, a 2D puzzle platforming game for the 3DS. World 1 in the game consists of 6 levels, which I just stuck end-to-end. The big prisms are the doors at the end of each level and the little ones are the extra collectibles (1 in each level).

I tried to make the dust not a pain to get. Hopefully it's not. Also, the camera jerks a lot and I don't know why. The problem with copying other 2D games is that most don't have slopes. But groundboosting is fun, right? :D

The real game has a lot more puzzley interest, so when put into Dustforce most of it isn't very interesting. I'll probably make more. Hopefully it gets more interesting.


said Apr 19, 2016
This kind of level design doesn't really mesh well with Dustforce.
said Apr 19, 2016
going to have to agree, but sometimes you just need a good ole groundboosting marathon to warm up those fingers
said Apr 20, 2016
Yeah...mostly its just fun for me to make and see how it plays.

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