by Naegleria
created Apr 14, 2016
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map notes
cutting it close with this one.  i guess this is somewhat of a puzzle map too since it requires some weird maneuvers to finish


said Apr 14, 2016
did you build this map for dustkid? It seems fucking silly-level-obnoxious with dustman. This has way too few checkpoints to be at all enjoyable for a 'puzzle map', I don't even want to finish it after dicking around for 5 minutes because i'm so sick of slidling slowly down the tip of a dick and falling half the time just to get to the puzzley part. The execution is annoying and tedious and the entire start feels completely unnecessary. 1/5 I expect better from you :(
said Apr 14, 2016
i only tested it with dustman.  everything was made with dustman in mind
said Apr 14, 2016
not a fan of tedious things after a checkpoint but before a thing you want to practice. Tediousness should be right before a checkpoint, not after
said Apr 14, 2016
to be fair to you, it has a decent amount of checkpoints. Just that one is really, really annoying :)

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