Alien Ark

by aSwedishMagyar
created Apr 8, 2016
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map notes
Another map! I needed a bit longer to do the background on this one because of the setting and I tried to ensure the colors would not interfere with visibility as well. Thanks to indapop for testing and making sure the cameras were up to snuff along with teaching me some new tricks with the interest node cameras. Oh and almost forgot, I shamelessly copied something I found in one of Shin's maps (I hope you don't mind Shin).

You are in the middle of your janitorial duties when you suddenly feel a cold tingling sensation. You hear a loud CRACK and find yourself within a beautiful but obviously dirty spaceship with a view of a dying red sun. A crew member gives you no time to enjoy the sights though and immediately ushers you off to dispose of the slime. Welcome aboard the Ark.


said Apr 8, 2016
Dustworth map.
said Apr 8, 2016
it's... it's a decent map? on atlas?

slow down there m8.
said Apr 8, 2016
Nice map. lags a little on my laptop, but my laptop is shit so i'm not surprised
said Apr 8, 2016
Pretty cool looking map. Kinda kept crashing on me in the beginning for some reason but I somehow got through.
said Apr 8, 2016
crashing? At what part exactly?
said Apr 9, 2016
Near the beginning by the first few slime bubbles. It might just be me.
Probably not Towelie
said May 5, 2016
The slimes right before the end seem too spaced out compared to the previous parts, looks really good though

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