Massacre Edit

by voxanimus
created Apr 2, 2016
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map notes
in which we learn how to see shit.

i think this level is almost visually identical to the previously published Midnight Massacre, yet manages to be far easier to "see shit" in.

some tips:

in the case that layer 19 triggers are black or dark, they almost never need to be at full opacity. selecting tiles of the correct color should allow you to run at around 50-75% opacity and still achieve the same darkened effect.

color differentiation between background and foreground elements is just as important as "brightness" (which in all honesty is an effect achieved through color usage). make sure the colors you're trying to contrast are sufficiently visually distinguishable. 99% black and 100% black are not sufficiently visually distinguishable.

like twinkie said on reddit, if using an overlapping layer 20, try to either select tile shapes that do not overlap the edges of the lower layer or use very visible dust like leaves.

you can ask questions in the comments. hopefully some of the other mapmakers will chime in with their 1/50th of a dollar as well.


said Apr 2, 2016
eh, sure, the slime is visible but the pillars still look like layer 19 and this doesnt look nearly as cool as the original imo
said Apr 3, 2016
Yeah, I get what you're trying to do here, but the visuals don't have the same effect as the original I made.

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