Midnight Massacre

by aSwedishMagyar
created Apr 2, 2016
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map notes
Here to hoping I improved something: I raised the ceiling so you cant spread slime there, I put more props to illuminate platforms you can walk on (I am not changing anything about that anymore, zoomed it out so people don't get confused in where to go, and I fooled around with the fog trigger to make things brighter. Also, I know most people hate when a mapmaker pulls a map and re-uploads but I felt it was necessary in this situation.

Original Story:
It's the dead of night and suddenly the air raid sirens go off. Explosions shake your apartment as you spring out of bed.. You rush out into the atrium in order to get a better vantage point and then you see it... the city is in ruins... As the slimy out of world invaders break in you pick up your trusty broom, it's time to put that cleaning equipment to good use...


said Apr 2, 2016
there are a lot of slanted tiles in the background that look almost identical to the tiles on layer 19
said Apr 2, 2016
Slanted? The supports you mean?
said Apr 2, 2016
yeah. the supports should have been dark grey or some other color that differentiates them.

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