betterer combat tutorial

by Naegleria
created Mar 25, 2016
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map notes
i didnt like the normal one, so i made a better one

it teaches you lots of stuff and tests you afterwards

EDIT: changed the spikes around the second large prism so it doesn't spread dust when hit properly.
retagged Apr 9, 2016


said Mar 25, 2016
Not a good tutorial because the difficulty shoots up at the end to a point that if a player was just starting they would have no clue how to proceed. If you want to make a tutorial map, the difficulty has to ramp up very slowly so that new player, which is what tutorials are aimed at, can actually get through them. I get that this is a troll account for making bad maps and whatnot but this seemed like an actual attempt so I wanted to leave something useful.
said Mar 26, 2016
Was going to make the same exact comment. Things like spikes, spike-jumping and difficult air movement don't even have a place in a "combat" tutorial map.
said Mar 25, 2016
great map
said Mar 26, 2016
GOOD MAP!!!!!!!!!!!
said Mar 29, 2016
Well that escalated quickly....

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