The Cage

by fireball
created Mar 19, 2016
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map notes
If the doors break in a race SS attempt, blame Hitbox (I never have had the doors break without death, and i tried


said Mar 19, 2016
the start looks like you'll need to double back so i left some gargoyles on the right side at first, the 5 hit golem in the wall was kinda annoying too, other than that not bad.
said Mar 19, 2016
I'm not sure how the start of the map doesn't immediately indicate that it's a circular map.
said Mar 19, 2016
Not sure how I'd make it clear that you didn't have to backtrack, and still be able to make a map that tries to play well going both directions.  
The golem is supposed to be annoying (read, not first try, but not actually hard once you learn it, 2 lights to float, one back heavy)
said Mar 19, 2016
@ Xiamul, I couldn't tell if it connected overtop or just at the bottom.

Whether it was an O shape or U shape, by the time i knew it was too late.
said Mar 19, 2016
U shape where you had to go out and then back each time would be an interesting map design, but probably not something I'd do in a CMR.  Not sure how to make it clearer still though.
said Mar 19, 2016
lower left side is kinda meh, otherwise really fun.
said Mar 19, 2016
Not a style of gameplay I put into maps much, but it did fit as something that could be done in either direction without a severe preference for one or the other.
said Mar 20, 2016
Punchman was a bitch, aside from that - pretty nice
said Jan 9, 2021

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