Nakatomi Plaza

by Naegleria
created Mar 11, 2016
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map notes
This is a map based on the movie Die Hard starring Bruce Willis.
retagged Apr 9, 2016


said Mar 11, 2016
I like this map. Though it's difficult to play fast due to ceiling placement and tight navigation, it sets out to achieve something, and it achieves it.
said Mar 12, 2016
Your maps have shown a lot of improvement, gj :)
said Mar 12, 2016
SSing 'Nakatomi Plaza' for the first time as a teenager was a one-of-a-kind experience. This level of raw, "edge-of-your-seat" action was unknown to me prior to this map; it made my head spin and the intensity of it was nearly unbearable. When it was over, I could only think of one word: Wow!

For a long time - at least in western mapmaking - the only "true" action maps (by that I mean maps that were all about the action and you went to SS them because of the action) were the 'Rock Climbing' maps. They had the most unreal stunts and crazy, over the top action sequences that you could imagine at the time, and they were (and still are) great fun. However, they usually lacked three vital ingredients:

1. A sense of realism (meaning: the hero is only human and can get hurt)

2. Grit (messy, unpolished action, dirty people and LOTS of swearing)

3. R-rated violence (showing the audience what real weapons do to the human body)

Well, it took Naegleria to bring those three key elements together in 'Nakatomi Plaza' - and thus the modern action map was born (it had a good run through the late eighties until the end of the nineties – then the studios figured out they could maximise the box-office by taming down the swearing, violence and sex and thus, alas, the contemporary, toothless character-filter map was born). Sure, there have been a couple of others before Naegleria's masterpiece ('zeta is fun to grind', 'fartmaster', 'ask me about my big rig' - which was also by Naegleria - or 'aids run' and probably some more), but those maps could have fallen into any number of other categories as well ('Adventure-/Survival-/War-', 'Sci- Fi', 'Horror-' or 'Buddy-maps') – and I can't think of another map that was just such a relentless, pure-action-from-the-beginning-to-the-end map as was 'Nakatomi Plaza'. To me, it's the ultimate thrill ride. The formula has since been repeated so many times, but the original still sets the standard by which I judge an action map. Should be SS'd every Christmas. 5 hearts out of 5.
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 12, 2016
You should die hard.
said Mar 12, 2016
Why can't I upvote comments.
said Mar 12, 2016
Flagging's the same thing, right? :^)
said Mar 12, 2016
My opinion of this map improved over the time it took to SS it.  The level design itself infuriated me at first, but it isn't bad once you know what it is.

My major complaints are:
You should seriously do something to make the background not look like the foreground, generally make it darker.
Not big on the 1 tile wide having to attack, maybe avoid putting dust in those places.

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