by Autority
created Mar 11, 2016
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map notes
All the rivers end to the same ocean.


said Mar 11, 2016
That is one of the worst blind drops I've ever seen, why are there spikes in the room with the gollum.  It's like designed to trick you into thinking there is ground.

Also don't allow me to spread dust past a death trigger if you can avoid it.

After these two things, it's pretty good.  Good enough for me to SS it both as Kid and Worth.  Probably your best map so far, 4 hearts from me.

Other issues I noticed that matter a bit less to me:
Checkpoints should be in the ground whenever possible, not slightly above the ground.
The downward pointing rock makes one of dustworths jumps really precise.
The platform where you have to walk off instead of dash doesn't benefit the map..
edited Mar 11, 2016
said Mar 11, 2016
This map is way too long to be pushished for not knowing to save a super for the end.  Autority,send me a message on reddit if you need someone to playtest a map before release.  Theres a lot of stuff in here that can be fixed easily.  The map is beautiful, and has significant potential, but it doesn't feel complete.
said Mar 12, 2016
You have some of the coolest ideas but awkward segments completely ruin the maps :(  Extremely nice visually and lots of super cool ideas that just need a little bit of fine tuning!
kill the dustbinary
said Mar 12, 2016
i think i got around 5fps when the waterfall was nearby. lovely map otherwise!
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 12, 2016
Just having one person playtest your maps to help you fix/remove the crippling flaws present in all of them, would make everything so much better...
said Mar 12, 2016
Happy to see you're still making maps, they're always nice to look at.
That waterfall seems to be too much for my system though, I'm playing in slow motion there.
said Mar 13, 2016
A few awkward sections and some camera problems in one spot (top of the first climb), but otherwise a very lovely map. Hope to see more maps from you.

Oh and your tags are a bit misleading. The level is neither short nor easy.

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