Blood Moon

by Shin Rekkoha
created Mar 2, 2016
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map notes
<Teh_Jews> I'm Ghandi when I'm standing.
<Teh_Jews> But I'm Buddha when I sit.

   Here's another single screen map.  The camera is about as zoomed out as I would reasonably ever use, due to both playablity and lag concerns.  Just like last time, this map was only tested by me, and I tried to make it kinda stock-level-y.  Space constraints make the level design both harder and easier in a weird way.  I know at least one person who will have no trouble routing it and finding the optimal strats.

   One thing that annoys me about these custom maps is that there's no real way to completely lock the camera; it always wobbles just a bit, and that was more of an issue on this map than on any other map I've worked on.  There was no ideal solution, but I'm still really happy with how the moon looks.  I did the best I could... and that's all Jeebus asks of you.

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said Mar 2, 2016
Feels fuzzy.
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 2, 2016
My dog is fuzzy.
said Mar 3, 2016
said Jan 26, 2017
This map was great

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