by ms300000
created Feb 27, 2016
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map notes
It's a map. It has boxes in it. You clean stuff. Has two ways to play it. Which is cool. Yah. It is possible to S rank completion. Not that its hard to but I figure someone not get it.


said Feb 27, 2016
I dont really see the point of playing the map "as intended" being not the correct way to get SS.

I also think deathzones are pretty annoying as obstacles, because the way they kill you feels pretty random, sometimes i dont die when i feel like i should, and other times i die when i feel like i should live.

They mostly just break up the flow of the any% kinda awkwardly.
said Feb 28, 2016
i think it was an intriguing idea bird. i liked the ingenuity. keep up the good work ms :)

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