Danke Me mE II

by LarryJoak
created Feb 26, 2016
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map notes
Only actually intended for one person


said Feb 26, 2016
i didnt think the memes could get any danker
said Feb 26, 2016
This is only the beginning of the dankening
said Feb 26, 2016
Will they get any danker than this?
said Feb 26, 2016
Why does the background/foreground need to be so confusing on the first playthrough? What do the silver/grey blocks accomplish other than confusion? Try not to add things that distract from the path but rather complement it.
said Feb 26, 2016
Thanks for the critique. I'm still very new to the game with only eight hours, and am still experimenting with simple level design.
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 27, 2016
I'd recommend actually unlocking, getting to, and completing some Gold Key levels in the nexus before making more maps.  There's a lot of tech to this game that you haven't even seen yet.  Part of making maps in this game is having the requisite knowledge to know how people will be able to play them, and at this point people can break your maps in ways you can't even imagine.
said Feb 28, 2016
I've noticed. I've been watching high level replays of earlier levels, and attempting to incorporate that into my latest map. I'm mostly just using the editor for now to get used to it, without the intent to make anything serious. Thank you for the comment

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