by Shin Rekkoha
created Jan 17, 2016
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map notes
<invert> uniqueness
<invert> in either art or gameplay
<invert> but yes
<invert> it is certainly not memes

- SS is all Prisms

- Any% is just the Heavy Prisms.

   Greetings dustfrens.  I made another prism smash map as a test for a future, much longer, map in this art style.  Some people love these, while others hate them.  I obviously like them or I wouldn't keep making them.  There is minimal background because anything coming out of that ocean really breaks the carefully calibrated blend of all those colors.  That's the problem with transparent tiles and the effect I was going for, but I'm happy with it and don't want any more background for this map.  I thought about adding 50 more kinds of props everywhere like flowers all over the trees and stuff; sometimes it's best to know when a project is complete.

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edited Jan 23, 2016


said Jan 17, 2016
What I get for not reading the description, I get to miss SS by not knowing the requirements for SS.

Aw crap, I was trying to get both triggers into an any% run and I messed it up :(.
edited Jan 17, 2016
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 17, 2016
Varredor infected me.
said Jan 17, 2016
I liked this one a lot. Felt really good to try for any% or SS.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 18, 2016
Fresh, your run is so beautiful that it makes me cry.

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