Urban Decay

by Byronyello
created May 22, 2012
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map notes
My 7th map.I'm creating more difficult versions of my previous maps, and this map is based off of the map "Foundation". Oh, also, the secret is still there.
edited May 22, 2012


said May 22, 2012
The camera is REALLY bad just before the big drop. First you dont see the enemies above, then when you get to see them, the camera doesnt change back during the drop.
Also, the loop around is kind of awkward, but maybe that is just me.
Other than that, really good map, enjoyed it, love the scenery.
said May 22, 2012
Thanks for that. I felt that the camera there goes a bit wierd, but I don't know how to get what I wanted in that, so I had to settle for the current camera system to allow the player to see the enemies. The loop around didn't have that flow in it, but I wanted to include that aspect in this map, for some reason. >.> Thanks for the love of the scenery, I was wondering whether it was good or not. :D
said May 22, 2012
The loop was ok if you ask me, just needed lots of speed. The problem is if you want to drop after doing the special attack its very hard to time the dash to clear the loop with full speed. You either have to spam or guess since you wont see anything. Still, its a nice map, especially because lately there are not many new maps :P
said May 23, 2012
I think what you are talking about is the section after the drop: That is not a loop.
said May 23, 2012
Ah we were thinking about different things.
said Jan 23, 2016
Urban Decay Foundation? Are you a makeup rep?

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