by Byronyello
created May 22, 2012
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map notes
My 6th map. I'm creating much more difficult versions of my previous maps, and this is the first. It's based off of "Initialisation", my first ever map, and is around ~Gold difficulty. Have fun.


said May 22, 2012
This is a pretty decent map, but it lacks direction. The arrows are a nice touch, but there's too many gaps that make me think "Oh, I can go this way too" only to find out there was a certain direction to go.

Other than that, I like the use of air combos.

Also, please remember to put tags on your level here :)
said May 22, 2012
Thanks! I can understand how it could be confusing, perhaps I should of made the camera view wider? Unfortunately, I lack skills in seeing how a player would act when not knowing of the levels layout before-hand. Also, air-combos! :D
said May 23, 2012
The addition of more arrows could save it here. For example: When you have to go left to clear a small prism, hide an arrow pointing you back the way you came under the prism so once it is destroyed you see where you have to go next. I believe this idea would be applicable on multiple occasions on this map in specific.
said May 23, 2012
Pretty cool! I enjoyed the loops, and got pretty used to the route after one round. There's one or two occasions where I disagreed with the checkpointing for practice, but no big deal.
said May 23, 2012
The checkpoint placement was pretty difficult, because I didn't want the player to end up spawning somewhere away from where the actually were. Because of the back-tracking, I wanted the player to have specific places where they would spawn but they wouldn't accidently run into a future checkpoint and end up spawning somewhere silly. Thanks for the feedback!
said May 23, 2012
Really enjoyed the backtracking aspect, going to take some time on this one. Only issue I've found is at the part where you go under the tube-structure and take out the mob near the final room, when you're heading back around that if you get too close to the edge where you jump to start the spike-maze bit you'll clip the spikes on the platform you're jumping off of because the platforms are angled in just such a way. (that probably made no sense)
edited May 23, 2012
said May 23, 2012
I get what you mean. I kept a pattern I made and built around it, which led to the clipping problem. I didn't notice it while play-testing, so I didn't change it.

Glad to see you like the back-tracking aspect! It was pretty difficult to still stay true to the original plans while also having enough flair at the same time.

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