Superdrop Mash Macro

by fishmcmuffins
created Dec 20, 2015
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map notes
This map is a proof of concept.

I've seen in several top replays (such as #1 kid time on Clocktower) a way of keeping a very fast fall speed while collecting dust.
The only way to do that is by continuously lighting. Every single frame where you aren't lighting will reduce your speed.
This is humanly impossible with just spamming the lighting button. Which means that you NEED a light macro if you want to have a good time on some levels.

Check the top replays of this test level to see.

I'd suggest the developers to add an option of holding the light button to repeatedly light, allowing everyone to use this.


said Dec 20, 2015
almost had me until i read the last bit, 9/10 copypasta
said Dec 21, 2015
This map makes for a good break. ;)

Glad that it's here though, the replays are amazing for it.
said Dec 21, 2015
10/10 broke my keyboard
said Dec 21, 2015
some good shit right there
said Dec 21, 2015
I bound the entire upper row of my keyboard to light attack in AHK and still couldn't do it fuck this I'm grinding some sick cunt stairs
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 21, 2015
You guys are a community of S-tier memelords.  I highly value these comments.
said Dec 21, 2015
Sub 4 Kreygasm
said Dec 21, 2015
This is pretty interesting. I use JoyToKey to play Dustforce. When I changed my lighting button's automatic shooting 30 time/s. My times nearly got cut in half. The only other time I've tried this was in the level Night Temple, but since then it felt a little cheap. I guess that this really proves no matter how good you can mash that light key, a macro will out perform every time.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful challenges in your levels.

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