Cave Adventure

by Magjiikal
created Nov 18, 2015
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map notes
Yet Another Map.

There Will Be More.


said Nov 18, 2015
The maps seem alright, but it seems like you dont have a very good grasp of the mechanics of the game yet, maybe have a few people play test to help you out! Decently fun though :)
said Nov 18, 2015
I agree with Jvc here. I would reccomend palying more of the game to get a better understanding of the movement/mechanichs and how advanced techniques work, for example, it doesnt seem like you understand how slopes, slopeboosting and "ramps" work very well. You can get better at this stuff by just playing more of the game, watching replays and tutorials ( ).

Asking for people to test your maps is also a great idea, getting feedback is always great. Good luck with map making!
said Nov 18, 2015
The distinction between fore- and background could have been more clear here and there, but for your 2nd map it's quite nice !
said Nov 18, 2015
said Nov 18, 2015
I just wish the launches actually launched the character instead of sending them to their doom.  Ramps into death zones are just annoying.
said Nov 18, 2015
I actually have a pre-existing term for things like that.  I refer to them as "nope-boosts".

Beyond the nopeboosts, and some slight foreground background similarity, I think this level was pretty decent.
said Nov 19, 2015
I'm stealing that term.

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