by MistahMax
created Nov 4, 2015
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map notes
Okay then, second map that i upload, its just normal ? i think, i mean the decoration, but anyways, hope you like it
Btw find the hidden scientist
edited Nov 4, 2015


said Nov 4, 2015
Looks cool and it's well decorated! I like short maps, keep it up :)

Just two things didn't convince me at all:

- the beginning (the first ceiling with dust) is a bit awkward imo;

- the deathzone at the end is too high and maybe the camera is not the best in that part (ah put the checkpoint in the floor so you don't respawn in the air);
said Nov 4, 2015
Well the first part was intended that way, and about the second point, well it was very difficult because i am still having some problems with the camera, but thank you for the support <2
said Nov 4, 2015
only issues i had were the high deathzones and it being spaced bad for dustman.

otherwise pretty neat map (although i think someone did the same upside down theme before, yours was def a lot better!)

5/5 :)
said Nov 4, 2015
Thanks! It took me a while cause i was like "eh what should i put next" and i kinda tried some deathzones , i mean if they are a "problem" now imagine before that i changed them , it was difficult
said Nov 4, 2015
:P I just had a few questionable calls where I think I would have lived had they not been quite so high!
said Nov 4, 2015
My bad, if i make another one like this am gonna try to apply better deathzone :<

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