by Chaosed0
created May 14, 2012
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map notes
This is not so much a level as a scene.
This is a recreation of the background from the CD insert of the soundtrack. Not quite a faithful recreation but definitely inspired by it.
In order to make it into a wallpaper, just jump into the hidden ditch at the tree and take a screenshot. Some work is needed to edit out the combo bar and timer; I used Paint.net. As far as I know, there's no easy way to remove the HUD - if there actually is, please comment.

Here is an example wallpaper.

Also, I am not sure if the left side is actually possible to do, but it's there.

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said May 15, 2012
the actual running part of this map is simply extremely boring, and the checkpoint placement is just abysmal. I dont know if others are interested in using things like this as a wallpaper, but it would probably have been easyer to just upload a picture of the wallpaper somewhere on steamforums or something.

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