hell temple

by cousinoer5
created May 11, 2012
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map notes
A newer version of Hell Temple, I have taken into account the comments made, and I have hopefully made the level better because of it. The level has been redone so there's no backtracking, and there's a couple new challenges.

If you don't like the level, please leave constructive criticism so I know where to improve, it's the only way I'll grow as a map-maker. I take all comments to heart (the two comments on my last map reshaped the map into what you see here), I won't get mad if you tell me why you don't like it, but it does suck seeing a bad rating with no comments to shed light on why. Make your voice heard!


said May 12, 2012
Pull the camera back and down a little bit at the point where you drop after defeating the 5th enemy (there's 4 flying in a row). It's a little too hard to know exactly when to dash at the bottom when you can't see far enough ahead. You always want to give players time to prepare for something like that, or it's just not fair.
I would also personally like to see one or two more checkpoints (such as in between the start of the level and the first checkpoint). You could see it as making the level easier, but every single part of the level is still just as hard while the level as a whole is less frustrating. It's not a big problem with this level though, there's just about enough checkpoints I think.
said Jul 13, 2014
op is kill

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