Forest Rubble

by yay899
created Aug 24, 2015
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map notes
I tried to force myself to use alternate colorations of tiles and props in this one, as it's something I almost never do. It might look a bit messy color wise due to that.


said Aug 24, 2015
i'll try to give more detailed feedback (edit)

Not being able to groundboost at the start is kinda annoying, the camera raises once you jump oddly, feels unnatural. you also have to hold the first ceiling longer than usual and it's JUST on the cusp edge of causing you to lose all your speed, quite annoying to always miss the last tile because i dont want to lose speed.

the slantboost ledgejump into slopeboost is kinda neat but you have to kill the turkey so it's kinda ruined immediately, not a fan of this, feels like i get cheated out of a cool boost that's kinda tricky to get in the first place.

room below the first porcupine, the dust on this ceiling and the ceiling being slanted kills all flow

slopeboost after the porcupine drop has some dust partially covered by tiles on layer 20. pretty minor.

The rest of the map isnt too bad aside from not being able to climb the wall high enough to get the dust if you aren't going fast enough, but its fairly minor.

The real annoying thing for me is that unless you spread dust on the wolf or some other part of the level, you don't get enough dust for a super at the end which feels really strange especially when you couldve just added more dustblocks to the end fall.

I also had a little trouble distinguishing the foreground from the background in places
edited Aug 24, 2015
said Aug 25, 2015
The first ceiling cling you can let go early and get the dust with a back heavy on girl. Strats man.
said Aug 25, 2015
I never had problems losing speed from the ceiling run, although I did have a lot of practice. It's also right at the beginning, so it wasn't that big a deal having to restart.

As for the slope boost, I actually completely missed that I had stuck that there. I always jumped from the slant boost all the way to where I could heavy the turkey. This is why I should get people to test my levels!

With the super thing, by the time I had noticed you needed to spread dust from the wolf in order to get it, I had already decorated the ending, and adding more dust blocks would have been difficult. I don't have the best workflow when it comes to when I add art to the level.

Background is once again evidence that I need to get people to test my levels. I had no problems distinguishing it because I had placed all the tiles.

Edit: Also, I could have sworn I removed the dust of the ceiling after the porcupine?!
said Aug 26, 2015
I like having to spread dust to get the super at the end, it adds a lot of tactics.
said Aug 24, 2015
Had fun grinding this one, aside from the end strats :(

I agree with bird on the points about the beginning (not being able to groundboost), and the 1 tile boost being so short-lived. Other than that, i thought it had some neat ideas. Looks pretty too :3

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