Sand cave

by DustCreep
created Aug 16, 2015
410 views | 818 downloads

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map notes
Uhh, this took way too long.
Visiting the desert theme again, I hope you don't mind.
Also I really have to get away from this "stone and grass" combo.
As always, if you think something could've been done better here or there (especially route/camera) don't hesitate to comment!
Two little extra areas to find.


said Aug 16, 2015
It seems I have to pay more attention when it comes to supers.
Damn you indapop !
said Aug 16, 2015
D: I found it by accident when I panic supered. Still really fun! Look gorgeous as always too.
said Aug 16, 2015
such amaze
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 17, 2015
Can't rebuild the lab because I'm falling forever lol. Your use of props to create a stunning background is great to see as always DustCreep.
said Aug 17, 2015
Man, I could have sworn I used a detach node there.
Shit happens.
said Aug 17, 2015
The flow and structure reminded me of all the best vanilla Forest maps, loved it.
said Aug 17, 2015
Yeah, I'm trying to get away from making routes where the fastest way is obvious at first glance. At least on a few obstacles I'd like to have the player to use his brain and maybe try several strats before finding a good solution.
I'm only partially satisfied of how it turned out here though.
In any case thanks for your comment/feedback, it's always appreciated!
said Aug 17, 2015
While there's definitely a joy in making a level with perfect flow and design that allows a player to immediately know what to do and how to do it, even on their first run, it's also very rewarding to have to think about how to approach a situation and execute a solution. A lot of vanilla maps embrace this sort of design philosophy. Dustforce is really an 'action-puzzle' in that way.

No worries! Always a joy playing and exploring your beautiful maps. Really inspiring stuff.
said Aug 19, 2015
beautiful map
said Aug 20, 2015
Awesome, the background is really great! Really fun also to explore, very nice secrets
said Jan 6, 2016
I can't believe how sad my replay is.

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