The Tower

by lawatson
created Aug 14, 2015
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map notes
I forget if this is the first map of its type that I have made. (Oh wait, there was that ONE map but nobody remembers it because I deleted it.)

Incoming FAQ:

Q: Why no dust?
A: Because that makes getting a good completion score a gigantic piece of shit.

Q: Why the giga wall?
A: Because I'm a pile of shitgobble.
A: Because it's still pretty easy.

Q: I died to the end, why does it exist even???
A: paraChoke you can do ieet!

Q: Why make a map of this genre?
A: Because I am way too lazy to make something reminiscent of an actual Dustforce level as of right now. This map was a lot easier to plan out and make than my other maps.

Q: Did you beat this?
A: Yes, multiple times. To fix bugs and stuff.

Q: Why make it so hard to speedrun?
A: Because I designed it to be completed, not speedrun.

Q: I got a B on finesse???
A: I dunno either, just blame hitbox.

EDIT: As soon as I released it I literally immediately first-tried it. Based strats <3


Luke's Cat
said Aug 14, 2015
said Aug 14, 2015
Alright I got the jorf but the rest of my run in so shit
said Aug 15, 2015
looked p good to me
said Aug 14, 2015
I got an A on finesse. Who do i blame?

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