Explore Castle2

by Shuvack
created Jul 18, 2015
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map notes
Change-log and note updates:
  My god this plays so better now I can physically feel it. It is rather obviously fixed version of Explore Castle which includes: removed caves [I didn't realize how much I hated those :D], added background clouds and droplets, fixed platform textures and colors [I learned how to use fog if it's still problematic], fixed nasty dust placement, fixed some tricky entrances, minor entities edits and what I am most happy about: added shortcuts in various places, so that now you aren't forced to going through the whole section just to get to a place next to you!

  Now that it's not AS stupidly big and open enough, it'll be much easier to spot problems and fix them. Also I would like to congratulate all those who did full runs of the original [especially SS, wow.], my jaw was low on the ground when I saw skilled players thoroughly penetrating and cleaning the map.

  Thanks to users for the honest criticizing of the map, it really pushes me forward to improve upon my creation to see that people don't pity a beginner. And thanks for those who enjoyed and threw in a nice word, it's always good to know what people like.

 So basically this map has low amounts of hazards and a big open space, the point of this weird design was to make the player explore the level and find his optimal route where he doesn't break his combo by cutting off dusted parts by the one already cleaned, it takes several minutes to clean the whole level without making too many mistakes, while I designed it bearing in mind possibility of players choosing unusual routes, some may be more rewarding than others, and some might be improved to make other interesting approach viable. I don't expect to turn this into a trend, but I wanted to make something interesting, something I would try playing myself.

  -I didn't put in a music track, as such a long level made me want to have an actual playlist running, even though I like the ost.
  -It's recommended to ignore chains and timer in first several playthroughs, just run around, explore and practice, even though it's a hard habit to break from all the others dustforce levels.
  -I'm open to fix'n'tweaks suggestions, I don't want my work to be broken on top of being weird.


Shin Rekkoha
said Jul 18, 2015
Just fyi, you should still add a music trigger.  See, one time I made a map with silence as the background music because of similar reasons you had here.  I had a song idea in my mind and linked to it on Youtube.  Needless to say, I was savaged in comments and IRC for daring to expect people to not use the in-game music of Dustforce.  It would be a shame to see that happen to someone else.
said Jul 18, 2015
why is there no music trigger??????????? I play with music disabled but really man thats just so dumb what is wrong with u :O

(Sarcasm dont flame me)
said Jul 18, 2015
re-releasing a map that is this ridiculously long is not particularly cool
said Jul 19, 2015
I didn't want to have others' times removed as it's now way different. I compromised as both choices have some "uncool" points about them.
said Jul 18, 2015
Needs a fog trigger. (i'm in awe that you mentioned you knew how to use them and didn't include one).Tile types are simply not enough to distinguish foreground from background. make it OVERWHELMINGLY OBVIOUS.

It still has no elements of flow, and thus feels tedious and not really enjoyable. I appreciate the work that went into this map, but its really just a pain to go through. I suggest you put your efforts into shorter maps to get a feel for what makes a good level before trying for a huge effort like this, when you're not ready for it.
said Jul 19, 2015
Agreed. Make a couple short maps to get the idea of what works and what doesn't. Then come back with an explore map and we will enjoy it a lot more.
said Jul 19, 2015
Will do, I'll make the front layer much darker then. I didn't include it fogged because I messed up sky color and didn't have much time yesterday to set everything as I wanted.

And don't mention "the effort", it's more of a fun hobby of a megalomaniac that makes me want to create big things with no attention to time spent. It's probably why I would be rather bored by making regular maps- firstly because I am not really good at Dustforce, thus unable to properly test the flow potentials, and secondly because it's not exactly my thing, I was messing around with the tools to sculpt a creation, rather than making a level with Dustforce in mind.
I don't deny that I might try making something normal and fast later, later on. But I don't think I would really get into it as I am right now.
said Jul 19, 2015
Ok I feel kind of silly now.
I don't see any reupload or even delete option on Atlas. I only applied fog and played Cider Time as the BGM so there is no reason to make YET ANOTHER version of the map, soooo if I just press publish in game and name it the same it will overwrite?
said Jul 19, 2015
it will not overwrite. two levels can have the same name.

don't worry about fixing this level now. just keep what you learned in mind moving forward.
said Jul 20, 2015
The two things were requested in comments, also someone mentioned it as a "re-release". I implied there might be a bit of control over published map due to this, but if what gets on Atlas- stays on Atlas: then I guess you're right about letting it be. Too bad, but there is nothing for me to do here then.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to you, I am discovering new mysteries in the game. Thank you so much!

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