Old Days

by PROTECTOR( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
created May 30, 2015
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map notes
Hello this is my first level hope you like it!


said May 30, 2015
cool idea, but it is a little overly difficult in the tunnel section. A common "newbie-trap" in map making is to make levels that are 90% spikes, which leads to a lot of gameplay that is either too hard and not fun, or too path restrictive and not very interesting. Your second map is actually much better and more interesting (aside from the dust problem)
said May 30, 2015
Here's some critique for the map.

1. Learn how to utilize the camera. Many times I felt the camera was panned to the left and I couldn't see what was coming up. Also I blindly landed on spikes during the tunnel section because I didn't see what was below me as I was falling. There was also some camera jerking going on.
2. Dust + enemy placement. There was a section where the placement was unnecessarily tight to keep the combo.
3. Make sure you can SS the level yourself. This is a good guideline to ensure that the difficulty is okay and that the map is playable.
4. Different tiles. Everything started looking the same because most of the map was designed using bricks.
said May 31, 2015
The flag in the end is cool
said May 31, 2015
Neat little effects with the pipes and the ending flag.
Shin Rekkoha
said May 31, 2015
Another poorly made "Mario Level 1-1".  The amount of times this has been done on Atlas has now reached memetic proportions.
PROTECTOR( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
said Jun 1, 2015
if you dont like 1-1 levels then dont play them! its so easy

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