by Giamma
created May 30, 2015
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map notes
After so many, many time it's finally finished!

This is a collab map with Superkid that started last year(!) from an his idea. The aim was to make a level similar to the long stock maps.
Hope you enjoy it!

Big thanks to Superkid for the patience and all <3

Sorry for the re-upload


said May 30, 2015
Thank you so much for finishing it. I couldn't motivate myself to decorate it by myself and therefore publish it. Really well done <3
said May 30, 2015
Such a cool implementation of that super part. Really well done! The art was amazing as well.
said May 30, 2015
A beautiful level. Don't see many lab levels and lengthy ones either. Awesome job you two. I wish I could play this level, but I can't finish it. I lag too much and I can't change my refresh rate so inputs lag so I'll give you my 5 <3's and be on my way. RIP Dustforce.
said May 30, 2015
I had a theory that maybe I could make an illegal dustblock in the first dustblock section and fall to the end of the level, so I opened the level in the editor, only to realize there wasn't solid ground all the way to the end.  It's vertically positioned right that you could do that too, but I can't see any way to clip back in if you could create that magic clip tile (which probably isn't even possible).
Shin Rekkoha
said May 31, 2015
It's a fun map for sure.  Giamma always delivers, even on the collabs.  It's kinda sad that it'll be spammmed off the front page by the endless tide of mediocrity.
said May 31, 2015
fun map not only spent the last part. sauhauhs
said Jun 1, 2015
Very cool, very fun to play as well.
said Jun 2, 2015
Great map as always!

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