by Brilhante
created May 19, 2015
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map notes
each path is color.
the blue color and the right the others are for those who want to hit record!
No CheckPoint!


said May 19, 2015
some may not like I come back!
but I came back^^
said May 19, 2015
it has long been foretold the return of our savior
said May 19, 2015
So the other character paths are basically "too bad you don't get ss"

Why even use character colors if that's not the purpose.

Why color the route at all when we could just find a route on our own.

The actual route of the map is boring and uninteresting, and the somewhat interesting routes don't have any dust and aren't a fast way to the end so they are pointless.

Everything about this map is pointless
said May 19, 2015
I will remember that!
said May 19, 2015
The one prism near the end of the red route caught me off guard. It might be worth it to make the prisms stand out more if they're going to be along the path. Wasn't a huge fan of this one.
said May 19, 2015
if I make a map where there's nothing to clean.
only thing to do and take the fast track.
only thing would be to clear a single prism.
It would be good?
said May 19, 2015
Fun map :D not pointless at all
said May 20, 2015
Love it!
It is really enjoyable and it is fun to grind 5/5:
I got to the 4th spot on SS( Hitbox nerf Indapop pls).

I might not always enjoy the gameplay of your maps but the art is always unique and colorful, so pretty.
Shin Rekkoha
said May 20, 2015
I always look forward to Varredor maps.  Not because they have good gameplay or anything, but just to read the comments.  There's always something funny to read in the incredibly divisive comment section.  Keep making maps Varredor, you are my favorite entertainer.
said May 20, 2015
A glimmer of hope for varredor maps everywhere! As a side note, I don't understand birds comment at all.....
said May 21, 2015
he mad
Shin Rekkoha
said May 21, 2015
Cus he bad.

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