by Shin Rekkoha
created Apr 20, 2015
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map notes
This is a tutorial on making multiplayer maps.

Multiplayer maps do not show up on Atlas.  Even if you make one correctly, noone will see it unless they:
A: View your profile and scroll down to your multiplayer maps.
B: Search the multiplayer tag and hope that the mapmaker was smart enough to add it.

Here is a link to the otherwise invisible map:

This is my multiplayer map with basic changes to enable it to be seen and thus maybe help someone else out there get into making multiplayer maps for their local friends.  There is a balance to making survival maps.  Too few ways to die (spike density, death zones, etc) and matches can stall out forever.  But if it's too easy to kill each other then matches can end in seconds.  This map is very high on the aggressive side, with uplight combos almost ensuring death on ceiling spikes.


-Changed level type from "Survival" to "Normal".  To make a multiplayer map work you have to pick either Survival or KotH (King of the Hill).

-Deleted camera box entity (yes the multiplayer camera is an entity, and you drag it like a box), and replaced with normal 2-node camera path

-Moved P2 through P4 spawns off of map area, not that they do anything now

-Replaced the 4 original player spawns with slimes

-Applied dust evenly to all non-spike surfaces.  Please not that when you create a multiplayer map you should cover EXACTLY HALF of it with dust.  The type does not matter because it will change to match the type of the primary villain character, but only within the boundaries of the camera box entity.  Thus, your camera box should cover the entire map.

There is a distinct possibility that this map is really not fun to play.  I'm okay with that.  I hope that maybe this information is useful to you.
edited Apr 20, 2015


said Apr 20, 2015
"The type does not matter because it will change to match the type of the primary villain character."

Just a note: this only applies to dust inside the camera box.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 20, 2015
Yeah the camera box has to cover the entire map.  Thanks, I added that.
edited Apr 20, 2015
said Apr 20, 2015
Didn't know they changed the visibility for multiplayer maps. o:
said Apr 21, 2015
The spikes were so well done that it mentally faked me out into thinking i couldn't touch them !
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 21, 2015
Murder your friends on those pretty spikes, repeatedly.  Yay multiplayer.
said Apr 21, 2015
I just wish my friends didnt suck at this game
said Apr 22, 2015
i just wish i knew someone irl that plays dustforce

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