Virtual Nexus Fix

by DustingForce
created Apr 4, 2015
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map notes
Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier but here is a version of the old virtual nexus we made that has been adapted to fit in the new Main Nexus. (Thanks for the idea Typhios!) The actual work for this was done by Krankdud who made the little nook in which the door is now located and linked the door there to the virtual nexus (Thanks Krankdud!).
To install this nexus, simply backup your Main Nexus DX file and move all the contents of the zipped folder into the levels2 folder under content. When asked, replace the Main Nexus DX file.

Nexus Files:
edited Apr 4, 2015

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Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 5, 2015
It's gud.
Gud fix.

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