by Probably not Towelie
created Mar 20, 2015
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map notes
Quick map made spur of the moment. Tried to recreate that kind of play-style that "The Cliff" had but not sure if it really worked out. Anyways here you go, enjoy.
edited Mar 19, 2018


said Mar 20, 2015
said Mar 20, 2015
5/5 because your ign is awesome :P
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 20, 2015
Towelie, can I ask what the black horizon is supposed to be?  It's not made of props that are perfectly flat, so it has weird bumps.  At first I thought it was just an error with a fog trigger or something, but maybe it's supposed to be oil?  Very strange.
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 20, 2015
Is it the endless abyss at the edge of the world?  Has the abyss of terrordeath grimdark blacksin actually tore open the sky and consumed it?  TOWELIE, WHAT HAVE YOU UNLEASHED UPON THE WORLD?!?!?
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 20, 2015
It was supposed to be water but I'm pretty much blind when it comes to colors so I just made it black. Let's just say an oil tanker capsized right there and be done with it.
Shin Rekkoha
said Mar 20, 2015
An Oil tanker FROM HELL!
said Mar 20, 2015
It looked like water to me...
Good map but camera didn't show a platform as I was falling onto it.
said Mar 20, 2015
I thought the slope boost platform was somewhat awkwardly placed, making it necessary to move a little left during that fall. Fun otherwise, although i kinda hate those angle boosts after playing it for too long :D

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