Mansion Secret Lab

by oflam
created May 7, 2012
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/ 5 votes

map notes
Here comes my first map. It took 3-4 days for me to make it (my profile picture attention). I just tried to bring with it a tiny story about.. wait, just try to discover it by yourself :) Hope you enjoy my map) for bug support.

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edited May 8, 2012


said May 7, 2012
Nice job, I liked the creativity you brought to this level.  You nailed the outdoor mansion vibe, leading in to the wide open monastic part with the fallen pillars, then heading into the basement and ultimately the lab.  I did feel some parts kind of ruined the flow, like the chest in the corner halfway through that you have to stop and beat up, and the gargoyle in a similar position right after.  I'm more a fan of levels where you're constantly in fluid motion and don't have to stop to fight enemies.  Some of the dust amounts could be tweaked for more ideal supers, but that leaves some room for metagaming and different techniques.  Anyway, your work shows, and I think it's great. 5 stars from me :)
said May 8, 2012
Oh) so sweet)) Thanks. i'm impressed. I know about the chest, i forgot to delete it, because there was an old way down, that brings you to gargoyle. I can update the map if you want, it's good to me hear such comments, because i'm new to dustforce, and i move as fast as i can, and don't know about the flow, but i think it is a good idea to change the map to make path more smooth there. I'll send you a link to updated map)

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