Orange Radiation Zone

by SpaceCadetNiner
created May 7, 2012
350 views | 707 downloads

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map notes
The Radiation level in the Orange Sector has gotten rather high as of late, and its made quite a leafy mess! Now get in there and clean it up as fast as you can before the radiation gets you too!

A re-upload of my first map 'Orange Sector'. After watching the replays on that level I noticed some things people were having trouble with, or not liking. The first thing I did was cut that beginning fall in half, so its not such a dramatic opening. I also tweaked some areas as well as getting the cameras right, or at least, I hope their right, once people play test it, then I'll be able to see more errors and stuff, but I think I've spent enough time on this one map, time to move on to something else.


said May 8, 2012
Really like this map.
Has nice colours, and I love the feel of the cave environment.
Flows pretty well too, even with the enemies along the way.
Nice work!
said May 8, 2012
Whoa! Thanks man!

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