by Probably not Towelie
created Feb 3, 2015
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map notes
Been sitting on this one for far too long so I put some last minute decoration in just to get rid of it. Enjoy.

Edit: I guess I should point out that if you use dustman or girl a dashjump is needed to progress through one part.
edited Mar 19, 2018


said Feb 3, 2015
Really great map! Best i've seen from you in a while. 5/5
said Feb 3, 2015
☑ Tiny vertical platforms connected to ground/sky
☑ 60° walljumps and 30° slopes
☑ Ending with a super killing enemy on platform above you

Yup its a Towelie map
said Feb 4, 2015
Very nice map! I liked a lot what you did with the foliage props and I liked the general atmosphere of the map.
Fun map too!
said Feb 4, 2015
22° slopes are so satisfying.
said Feb 4, 2015
As long as we're throwing around angle values, I had to check. Looks like it's pretty damn close to 27° (which would be complemented by 63°)
edited Feb 4, 2015
Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 4, 2015
22.5 degrees is half of 45 degrees, but is incorrect.  27 is in reference to actual geometry though.  Dustforce is a game of tiles.  The tiles are 1X1.  When you use a rise1/run1 or rise1/run2 slope (the only options in the editor) or any rotation of them, the only resulting angles are 0 deg, 26.57 deg, and 45 deg.  It has always been 27(26.57) and never been 22.
said Feb 5, 2015
oh, makes sense. atan(1/2) = 26.57
said Feb 4, 2015
You never responded to my email but this still looks great. :3

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