by Shin Rekkoha
created Jan 31, 2015
346 views | 791 downloads

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map notes
"The darkness is always waiting, right at the edge of your sanity: ever-present, ever-growing, and always dangerous.  There are those who believe that the darkness can give them power.  Yet I have seen it time and time again; those who cross fully into the darkness, never come back..."

Alternate Map Title:  GREEN!

   I decided to make another map using the same art style as one of my previous maps.  This map is quite short so hopefully people will have more incentive to optimize their runs.  Sorry, it's a vertical map so Dustworth is going to wreck it, and indeed the any% is designed for him specifically.

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Shin Rekkoha
said Feb 2, 2015
mfw no comments :(
said Feb 2, 2015
it was ok
said Feb 3, 2015
Very nice map, it has a unique look!
said Mar 27, 2015
how did you made the dark area around the walls n shit

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