TKs playground

by DustCreep
created Jan 26, 2015
425 views | 859 downloads

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map notes
Take this as compensation for the last map.
A pretty standard level with a background somewhat similar to „the dunes“.
Two more big maps (Arctic lab, Electric relic), then I’ll probably take a break from mapping.
Thought I let you know.
Has 2 secrets, not counted the rather obvious one at the start.

Long live TrashKing !
edited Jan 29, 2015


said Jan 27, 2015
I like this map, aside from the map where i couldn't see my character you've really impressed me lately and been one of my top 3 map makers. Sad to hear you'll be taking a break, but nice job yet again
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 27, 2015
He's probably just taking a break because Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is coming out soon.  Best game is best game, gotta make time.
said Jan 27, 2015
That's nice to hear, thank you bird!
Sorry about the other map, sometimes experiments go wrong...
Will give my best at the upcoming two maps.
said Jan 27, 2015
Agreed somewhat with bird. But In terms of consistent quality of maps over the last few months, you're definitely #1
said Jan 27, 2015
Wow thanks, morale boost received :)
My personal number one is Giamma, no second thought about that.
said Jan 27, 2015
I got lost a few times, but really fun map after I figured it out.
said Jan 27, 2015
Path wasn't the most clear, especially in the 2 sections right after the trash can, first I wanted to downdash because before i reached the trashcan I already saw the path down (to death), then after the turkey climb I didn't realize that I wasn't supposed to continue going up.  Perhaps may be worth sacrificing art slightly to make those forks obvious, but I could be wrong.  Regardless, once I got the path, the level both looked and played well, so no complaints, really.
said Jan 27, 2015
Yup, I've seen that in a few replays now and I fully agree.
Would've been no problem to make the route more clearly.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback !
said Jan 27, 2015
I love this map. I'm the worst at hard maps but seeing a map like yours where I can improve by watching replays makes me happy.

I only found one secret...
said Jan 27, 2015
I don't know which one you've found (probably the apple?).
Someone is hiding right below the platform before the long ceiling slide :)
said Jan 27, 2015
I found it thanks

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