by Rosy Tickles
created Jan 22, 2015
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its bad

map notes
gimme a break it's my first map. it's pretty good for beginners like me to practice on - and the only reason i'm uploading is i'd like to see how other players do it.

2 players have played it 5 mintues into upload and i've got a lot to work on not only with visual interpretation of this random level but also moreso with balancing my levels around high level of play - truth be told i haven't even started a bunch of high level maps yet so i truly don't possess some of the intermediate level abilities yet and that sets my level far behind in terms of gameplay than most maps pirely because of my inexperience. maybe someday i'll make something badass.

i'm also really happy with my level, regardless of it's badness, i'd like to put a word out for Tropicallo who was the first to play the level in the exact way i designed it (AKA: he played it the exact same way i've been playing it as the way i designed it - with a few exceptions where he actually did it better whilst still staying to my design pattern hahaaa... also there's a cheap way to get a 5 second finish.)
edited Jan 22, 2015


said Jan 22, 2015
So er you might want to use fog triggers to differentiate layers..
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 22, 2015
This is gud advice.  There are other helpful triggers too, and a helpful help tab in the editor.  Reading it helps.
Rosy Tickles
said Jan 22, 2015
Hahaaa holy cow it seems so basic! i never even thought of this! cheers for the advice.
said Jan 22, 2015
Rather enjoyable in the way it loops all the way back, I'm glad I didn't regret going to that bit at the right near the start. And yeah, use fog triggers to make it clear what's background, although in this case it wasn't that bothersome as the bit where it's the most unclear is one big fall. Hope to see more.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 22, 2015
Please don't do stuff like this again:

You have 100% identical grass blocks but some are collision and some are background.  I was gonna jump on top of that thing and fell right through it to my death.  Contrast is key.  It doesn't matter if the background is lighter than the collision, or darker, or even just a substantially different hue: just do something to differentiate them.  The rest of the map has the same issue but different tile types, so I could still manage.  The grass part is just bad bad bad.

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