Fission Temple

by Autority
created Jan 21, 2015
454 views | 691 downloads

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map notes
Frustration in the core.


said Jan 21, 2015
The only thing I'm gonna say is something I ask myself before I publish a map: "Am I able to SS this map I made by myself?"

If the answer to this question is no, I will not publish the map until I have fine-tuned it to get a positive answer from that question.

This doesn't mean the map is bad, it just means that you are more likely to release a map you would be more confident with yourself as well.
said Jan 21, 2015
Congrats, you've made one of the most awkward maps I've ever played.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 21, 2015
Forget it, there are no words.  I'm jealous I lack the talent to make a map this cruel to the player.  From your instant blind drops directly into death... to your checkpoint that maliciously respawns the player ahead of dust both above and below them, every single time they respawn... to the kaizo trap barely visible angled ceiling at the end of the mega tunnel part, which kills a player that was otherwise at the correct height through the tunnel... it is honestly brilliant.  The way you skillfully put together a bunch of awkward death traps really speaks to my soul on a level that my words can't express.
edited Jan 21, 2015
said Jan 22, 2015
said Jan 22, 2015
Salt level over 9000.
kill the dustbinary
said Jan 21, 2015
As mentioned there are issues with checkpoint placement and the camera, and maybe a little too many spikes (the random circuits at the end are the only ones that really bother me). Just a warning: if you're going to continue making awkward maps like this one, people will make snide comments and rate them low regardless of whether you fix the problems listed above.

With that said, I liked this map! I wouldn't say it's particularly difficult, but it's good for character control.
said Jan 22, 2015
what is wrong with the camera?

bad map though but good effort
said Jan 22, 2015
Had SS run, fell into the wires at the end. -1000/10
said Jan 24, 2015
map starts with a blind drop, platforming feels awkawrd 1.5/5

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