Sewer temple

by Autority
created Jan 17, 2015
394 views | 660 downloads

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map notes
This time i changed completely the start.


said Jan 17, 2015
This time it's ok.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 17, 2015
You can edit your map description and tags after you publish it.  This helps you say everything you want without needing to comment on your maps over and over like your last 3.  You can also edit the tags on the bad ones to say "incomplete", or something.  Or y'know, just delete them from Atlas.
said Jan 17, 2015
Probably not Towelie
said Jan 18, 2015
You did not include a death-zone at the end, some of us think that there are secrets after the end and falling indefinitely is kind of annoying once you have gotten to the end of a level. Large gaps where it is not obvious where to go are a no-no so I recommend making your next maps in such a way that not only is it obvious where to go but visible as well. (Keep in mind this does not mean it has to be obvious how to get through, just where to go) The triple upload is a novice mistake and typically frowned upon, you can avoid this by having someone test your level before you have uploaded so as to remove any errors and sort out the kinks. Do not get disheartened though by the initial reaction, I expect with a few maps under your belt you will make a fine level maker.

Oh, you have several maps out already... Still, I recommend going with a tester and not making levels in this way, I apologize for mistaking you for a newbie.
said Jan 18, 2015
Really quite good, I rather liked the big climb. Seconding what Towelie said, although the camerawork otherwise here is pretty good.
said Jan 18, 2015
is it just me or are there three of these maps
said Jan 19, 2015
If you think it's nice make it thrice.
said Jan 18, 2015
I don't like it

I don't like it

I don't like it

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