Twilight Ascent

by yay899
created Jan 2, 2015
303 views | 648 downloads

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map notes
This time I took a crack at solid color maps, using a totally original color scheme]( Solid color maps are a favorite of mine, as one of the earliest maps I considered a favorite was [Melange, and I love pretty much anything by SubparFiddle.

Edit: Oh god, where did my formatting go wrong?!

Edit2: Am I escaping one of the close parentheses or something?
edited Jan 2, 2015


said Apr 4, 2016
I played this map as a lucky map and it was really good.  Since no one took the time to say that they enjoyed it then, i'll do it now, over one year later.
said Apr 4, 2016
Thanks! It's nice to see older maps getting played.

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