Charged Slice

by Nerphs
created Jan 1, 2015
308 views | 642 downloads

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map notes
Scrolls and their friends.

Originally I was planning on doing a huge map with lots of scrolls, but since there aren't many maps with them, I decided to start with something shorter to see how it goes.
I guess I don't have to do another one now.
edited Jan 1, 2015


said Jan 1, 2015
It reminds me Knight Hall...really fun once I build a route but a hell the first times (and this map is more hellish than Knight Hall xD)...and a lot of possible strats.

I really enjoyed the map!
said Jan 4, 2015
Reminds me of ... I hate these types of levels LOL :s
said Jul 27, 2023
Backrooms Game is a genre of horror games inspired by the creepypasta/meme of the same name. The premise is that you are trapped in an endless maze of yellow-walled backrooms with old carpets, fluorescent lights, and no windows or doors.

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