Silent night

by DustCreep
created Dec 23, 2014
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map notes
A little Christmas map.
My very first arena map, so any advice on enemy placement, etc. is more than welcome.
I actually tried to build something like route in there, but lets just see what you guys make out of it.
Sorry for the late appearing stars.
Have fun!


said Dec 23, 2014
woah a christmas map, very nice!
said Dec 24, 2014
Really enjoyed this map. Thank you!
The enemy placement feels just right, although the turkeys like to wander to random spots every now and then T.T
said Dec 24, 2014
Wow, 8 secs, I wish I could watch replays.
Thanks for the hint!
said Dec 24, 2014
Huh, why can't you see replays? I was having that problem on my mac a while ago, but it got fixed when I went to DX.

Here's a vid of my run :D
said Dec 24, 2014
I actually have DX (steam) on my mac too and replays work there, but mostly I'm playing the old version (no steam) because of all the half finished maps in the editor.
When I try to download a map on DX, it opens the old version.
Plus I can't seem to find /Steam/steamapps/common/dustforce/user/levels/, the path ends on the Dustforce programm icon.
It's a bit complicated :)
But anyway, really nice run, far out of my league.
said Dec 24, 2014
dude this is awesome. thank you  and merry x mas to you to
said Dec 24, 2014
said Dec 24, 2014
Damn, you guys are insane.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 27, 2014
All is dust
All is white
Round yon Atlas 5 out of 5.

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