Old Lighthouse

by Giamma
created Dec 23, 2014
400 views | 823 downloads

/ 37 votes

/ 18 votes


map notes
I started to think a map with a lighthouse about 2 years ago. Now I finally made it :D
Also my first mansion level!

Thanks to Furkie, Nerphs and Tropicallo.


said Dec 23, 2014
Damn, that Lighthouse is everything I wanted to go for in my Lighthouse too, awesome job. The framing of the camera is really stylish and gorgeous looking too, and it plays well. Fantastic.
said Dec 23, 2014
Thanks a lot Tinker! Glad that you liked it :)
said Dec 23, 2014
Love it!
said Dec 23, 2014
said Dec 23, 2014
Great map. Really simple, but really fun to play. I especially like the way the camera is set up.
said Dec 23, 2014
Um, when I downloaded the map it was 4.5, 10 votes.
Now it's 3.33, 15 votes.
If I'm correct you received 5 x 1s in a row, that's quite mean.
But hey, you enjoyed making this map, I play/love it regardless the rating.
said Dec 23, 2014
this is why i have never voted on atlas maps
it's easier to express your approval or lack thereof with a comment
said Dec 23, 2014
fun map.  looks very nice too
said Dec 23, 2014
love it! can we please find out who is mass voting 1 stars on these maps? this map is way better than a 3.63 (i gave it a 5)
said Dec 23, 2014
Great map! It's got a very unique look to it :)
said Dec 24, 2014
accidentally had 2 times because steam wasn't working and stuff
said Dec 25, 2014
Nice strats, I didn't think were faster!
Probably not Towelie
said Dec 25, 2014
Great map but I recommend not putting dust on the angled walls because of how easy it is to not clear it when jumping off of them.
said Dec 25, 2014
Yeah you're right, I remember some maps where I had problems and I think it's the reason because Twitch Tube doesn't have dust on the angled walls.
But in the new spiceman's maps* they work well (and also in your old maps, even if they are larger) so I hoped they would work well also in this map.
Thanks for the advice!

* the map is clearly inspired by the last spiceman's maps. The end is inspired by Tunnel Vision (by Tropicallo).
edited Dec 25, 2014
said Dec 25, 2014
i think it would have been cool to have the angled beams be made out wood, as if they were the broken rafters of the derelict lighthouse

at any rate this was a great map and as always im in awe of your ability to create atmosphere in your maps, giamma. molto buono! (hopefully that isn't wrong)
said Dec 26, 2014
Grazie ;)
said Jan 1, 2015

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