by Shin Rekkoha
created Dec 18, 2014
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map notes
True Art is Incomprehensible

If you don't know the origin of this art style:
This map is designed around some specific level design features.  This is not in my usual style, and is heavily influenced by Varredor's maps and discussion with Syena.  I would love to hear what you think of it.  Here is a list of features:

-No hand-holding

-Multiple routes / free routing

-"Figure it out" camerawork and gameplay

-No repetition of obstacles or sections of the map

-Color changing because color changing because color changing

Recommended Music:
edited Jan 21, 2022


Last Hope
said Dec 18, 2014
It's so pretty!
said Dec 18, 2014
1- No where near enough spikes for a Varredor map.
2- No option to start with super but no jump by going through a corridor filled with spikes
3- I love that we can say we have a Shin map in the Varredor style.
4- I thought Piet was solid blocks of colour the black lines interrupting different colours, not having them look like rubix cubes.
5- how many hearts I gave this.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 18, 2014
Certainly, his paintings are solid blocks of color.  The way I did it with the glass tiles isn't exactly the same.  I like to think of it as a Shinprovement to the original art.
said Dec 18, 2014
still waiting on SHINCONCEIVABLE
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 18, 2014
It's the holidays, guy.  I won't have another map out for a while.
said Dec 19, 2014
Wow a level based on the Rubik's cube... looks awesome! Really clever use of glass tiles.
Also I like how the color transictions are almost invisible...I mean that I love the fact they are just a detail and not the first thing that you notice.
edited Dec 19, 2014
said Dec 19, 2014
kaleidoscopic nightmare
mondrian has risen
a variegated prayer
deliver me from color's prison
yet one praise i cannot omit
is the fact that i can see shit.
edited Dec 19, 2014
said Jun 20, 2023
Your level is a masterpiece! Thank you for this unforgettable adventure.

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