Clear Skies

by InteleentFool
created Dec 14, 2014
283 views | 615 downloads

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map notes
I made a long level.  Constructive criticism welcome!


Probably not Towelie
said Dec 14, 2014
Everybody is in such a shitty mood today huh? I'd give it about a 3.5 out of five mainly because of the visibility in certain areas but other than that its a great level. Might want to look into cameras and how they can lead to the next area as well because I felt a little stumped in certain areas until I explored a bit.
said Dec 14, 2014
I like it. You had some creative platform setups, and I really enjoy long maps.
said Dec 14, 2014
Damn, this is long. It's pretty good overall (and impressive just in keeping decent gameplay for such an amount of time). The only thing you get with super long maps like this is that every slightly awkward positioning or flow gets blown up a lot for the player because they'll lose their combo after, say, 2 minutes of playing. That makes it more frustrating than a shorter map, so gets judged more harshly.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to your levels, I discover new aspects of the game. Thank you so much!

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