Dusty Shelves 2

by spiceman
created Dec 14, 2014
425 views | 732 downloads

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map notes
Had a shot at a less linear map.

It may look linear but there's a few alternate ways to tackle most the obstacles!

Once you figure out the best route it should flow pretty well.


said Dec 14, 2014
Linearity wasn't really a problem for me, but you fixed it completely with this map. Very solid flow while also allowing for creativity, and it's also beautiful. Another 5/5
said Dec 14, 2014
Thanks a bunch!
said Dec 14, 2014
Definitely not as linear, unfortunately it doesn't feel as "spiceman" in terms of flow overall, but theres gotta be a happy medium somewhere
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 14, 2014
Atlas: your digital source for all things spiceman.  All spiceman all the time.  Tune in tomorrow: same dust time, same dust channel!
said Dec 14, 2014
Wow. Someone who actually took one of my suggestions. Love the map 0 complaints 5/5
said Dec 15, 2014
I liked this map a ton! I had lots of fun with experimenting with routes, great job once again, spice!
said Dec 15, 2014
Very any% un-friendly :(
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 16, 2014
Walls and walls of forgotten knowledge
Perhaps I should have gone to college
I failed once and no longer can
All because of that damn Spiceman
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks for creating levels that surprise me.

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