Cloud temple

by Autority
created Dec 8, 2014
296 views | 670 downloads

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map notes
A fantastic temple.


said Dec 8, 2014
A long temple
said Dec 8, 2014
not long enough need 7inches long temple
Probably not Towelie
said Dec 8, 2014
Looks great but way too many blind drops. Also got to the end and messed up on the totem and fell forever. If someone can get to the edge of the map, make sure they don't end up falling endlessly.
said Dec 8, 2014
unloaded myself at the end.
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 8, 2014
No sir, I did not enjoy the blind drops into spikes.
said Dec 8, 2014
Had similar complaints to others but also spikes were hard for me to see against the background. That combined with the really weird spike placement (some places have spikes where I don't expect, others have no spikes where I do expect) made it frustrating for me. Also I spread dust from turkeys all over the place in the most annoying to get to locations
Luke's Cat
said Dec 9, 2014
I didn't mind the blind drops, they are only blind drops once :P
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to your levels, I discover new aspects of the game. Thank you so much!

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