by Autority
created Nov 29, 2014
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said Nov 29, 2014
It's nearly impossible to tell which asteroids are real or not.

Plus an end fall into spikes...Really? :/

Also I noticed a lack of checkpoints. Not sure if I missed them or they're just not there.

Death zones seem to be placed a bit excessively far down. Not a huge issue though :p

Would be a cool level if you could sort out the asteroids with a better fog trigger and remove the spikes at the end.


I changed everything I listed on here without touching the fundamental level design too much. Use it if you like (download and put in the levels_src folder in the dustforce directory)
edited Nov 29, 2014
said Nov 29, 2014
Please put checkpoints.
Agreeing with Wazzy, it's almost impossible to tell which objects are solid and which aren't in some places.
Seemed decent otherwise?
said Nov 29, 2014
"Beginner"? Also, I observed that two ratings back-to-back in a short time span were 5 heart ratings. I don't know if it's coincidence or manipulated (what's the word?).
edited Nov 29, 2014
said Nov 29, 2014
At making levels, I'd assume.
Luke's Cat
said Nov 29, 2014
needs checkpoints
said Nov 30, 2014
the end is a big fuck you :(
said Nov 30, 2014
Hi guys! Well, i didint put the check point cuz i thought they were useless because i dont know where to put them! The end.... yes, you're right, it's bad if u dont have the super-power. However i'll check ur suggestions and i'll modify the map.Bye!

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