Prototype Difficult

by Hextech Pon3
created May 5, 2012
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virtual hard

map notes

This is an attempted clone of an old showcased prototype level as displayed in the above youtube link.  There are a few changes however.  

Throughout the video, he uses heavy attack on what looks like light enemies, but I'm not sure if hitting the enemies counted as maintaining your combo or not or if the amount dusted counted toward a total numerical score or what... but at the end he clearly does light attacks so I put in light enemies.  At 13 seconds, a spike was put near the ceiling, for if you chose to heavy attack the square on your way in, it'd checkpoint and a small leaf particle would be where that spike is.  Starting at 20 seconds I had to lower the floor by a unit otherwise you could not run through there.  And finally, at 36 I put in heavy enemies along there to maintain what he does in the video.  I don't think he would purposely make it harder on himself by heavy attacking then dusting as opposed to just light attacking and falling (again, not sure how the scoring system worked).

Other than that, I hope I did the level justice and that nothing bugged out.


said May 5, 2012
I knew the day would come when I would see you again, my Archnemesis!!!!!
I have trained since our last encounter, this time you won't beat me! :)

Thanks for remaking the only level I never managed to SS in the prototype, the one map that gave birth to all the Difficult levels we have today :)

Ps.: When playing this map I really grasp the enormous differences between the prototype and the official game, I even found me using heavy attack to every single light enemy to collect more dust because I would need it to SS it!  XD

Ps2.: The scoring system in the prototype required you to clean ALL the dust, that includes Dust that can be created from heavy attacking light enemies.
The ending in the prototype is a bit easier than in the remake because while heavy attacking you where almost completely frozen in air.
But our Janitors learned the special since the prototype and that makes the ending easier again :)
Hextech Pon3
said May 5, 2012
Heh, glad you like it!  Thanks for elaborating on the scoring too.
said May 6, 2012
Very nice remake, however the checkpoints were a bit annoying :<
Hextech Pon3
said May 6, 2012
I'll admit, the 2nd checkpoint is a liiiittle bit wacky on the spawn, but the checkpoint areas themselves aren't my fault! :p
said May 6, 2012
Definitely a nice level, one of the hardest out there thats still fair.  For a while I had no idea why I wasn't SS'ing, then I noticed you left those 1 blocks just to catch the stuff from the big guys =P

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