Dreams of Escape

by Antinumeric
created Nov 12, 2014
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map notes
Old map I had laying around.


said Nov 12, 2014
This is beyond horrible. Most painful thing ever to even try to do the start. 1/5 Sorry, but it's bad :P
said Nov 12, 2014
start was pretty bad but the ending was absolute holocaust

i haven't seen such tragedy since i studied sophocles
said Nov 12, 2014
what happened to the dustforce, have we become soft. we must revel in these awkward maneuvers
said Nov 13, 2014
I agree. I liked this map for the sheer quirkiness and it was a nice change from the  boost fest that customs usually are. If it was better decorated and the end was tweaked to be smoother I think this would be a great map. 3/5 from me as it stands.
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 12, 2014
camera is downright awful in this one
said Nov 13, 2014
I have absolutely no idea why it snaps back to the tunnel when you are on top of it.
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 13, 2014
It's frustrating and unfun, but more importantly it's also bland.  Ugly art too.  At the end, you can straight up see the edges of your background tiles because you didn't expand them out far enough, just as an example.

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