Roof Top Rush

by MyFaceYourFace
created Nov 10, 2014
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map notes
Third Map. Still getting the hang of the editor, experimenting with the tools. But I think this on is my best so far.
If the is anything you think I could improve on in this level, let me know! I want to make every level better than the last.
Thanks for playing! : D

 Update Changes:

Gets a bit less dark
Tried giving more warning to spikes after slopeboost
Fewer enemies at the end.
Made the car crash area more streamlined, you can dash across the gap
More trees!
Hope this makes it more enjoyable! : D


said Nov 10, 2014
this is really good i can learn form this and i will.
said Nov 10, 2014
great map!
said Nov 10, 2014
nice decoration !
said Nov 10, 2014
almost immpossible to tell foreground from background, really confusing

layer 20 also covers dust
said Nov 10, 2014
The decorations are great. Clearly a lot of effort went into them. The gameplay is so close to being awesome, but a few problems knock the level down to 3 hearts for me.

The main problem for me was the camera: you go fast (wheee!), but the camera is so close that you can't see ahead of you and end up missing the jump. Zooming out the camera for the boost sections should help a lot.

Also the foreground obscures dust in some spots, and sometimes it's hard to tell what's just decoration and what's actual ground.
said Nov 10, 2014
You can change the camera!? Sweet will take that into account for my next map.
And yeah tried to make the parts where dust is covered are ones not usually missed. but it's always hard. was experimenting with layer 20 and stuff : P
Thanks for playing,
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 13, 2014
Just open other people's customs and look at advanced usage of triggers and cameras.  It can be tough to tell what maps have a lot of detailed camerawork though, unless you play slowly and pay lots of attention to it.  As far as I know, noone has made a camera tutorial map.  The most detailed cameras I ever used were in my map: Ruined, but copying some of the stock levels into your user levels_src folder will let you look at them in the editor too.
said Nov 10, 2014
Anon strikes again.

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